Strange Days Brewing Co. was created and inspired by the strange-ness around us. The name is meant to capture the times we are living in. Beer is an outlet for us and the beer community is a great escape from all the other “stuff” going on.

We will be moving into 316 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO within KC’s River Market, a high-traffic and energetic portion of the city. The addition of the street car and the development happening all over the River Market is really exciting. Also, we get a lot of inspiration for our beer from global cuisine, so the diversity of the neighborhood and proximity to city market is a huge creative spark. There’s a lot of history in our building as it previously housed (a portion of) the historic Muehlebach Brewery & Schlitz, so we feel like we are oozing with inspiration.

Our beers are globally focused, which for us is twofold. We plan to brew and serve a variety of traditional global styles but will also create new styles/flavors with both local & global spices, fruit etc. Our lineup will be rotating regularly and will contain wide variety of flavors/styles.

Our anticipated opening will be late 2017. Construction & licensing bring question marks, but at this moment, this is what we are aiming for.