Australian Gold, 4.8 ABV 37 IBU

Australian-style golden ale

Australian-style golden with a mix of bready flavors as well as notes of banana & apple. Brewed with a single-bittering addition of Pride of Ringwood. This style beer has roots in England but was adapted for the warmer Australian climate.

Czech 1-2, Double Pilsner, 7.0 abv, 33 IBU - COMING SOON!

Double Czech-style pilsner

Czech 1-2, 1-2! This is our bigger version of a traditional Czech-style pilsner. Clean pilsner flavor only a little bigger & maltier.

Daydream on Brett, 7.3 ABV, 18 IBU

French-style saison w/ Brettanomyces and aged on red wine oak

A variant of our Daydream, this however features the addition of Brettanomyces & was aged on red wine soaked oak.

Episodes - El Dorado Edition, 6.3 ABV, 57 IBU

Single Hop Pale Ale

Our 3rd variation of Episodes Pale Ale. This one features the El Dorado hop which is highly fruity, some say cherry Jollyrancher. A nice summer pale ale.

Flussmarkt (River Market) IPL, 6.7 ABV, 63 IBU-COMING SOON!

India Pale Lager

To pay homage to the local German history (especially in our building) we have brewed our first lager. Using all new-age German hops this beer will be similar to the IPA but uses a lager yeast which creates a different & cleaner charcater. Prost! to the River Market.

Saizuan (pronunced say-shwan), 7.5 abv, 20 IBU

Saison w/ spices

An Asian-inspired version of our Daydream, however this is brewed with Szechuan peppercorn & lemongrass

Sir Real IPA, 6.8 ABV, 72 IBU

American IPA

“This IPA is surreal”. “No sir, it’s real...Sir Real.” Brewed with a simple grain bill to allow for some serious hop bitterness and aroma. Hops used include Warrior, Azacca, Ariana, and Eureka! providing citrus & pine notes.

Sir Real Real (Double IPA), 9.3 ABV -79 IBU -COMING SOON!

Imperial IPA

The "realer" version of our popular IPA! We simply took that beer and made it boozier & a bit hoppier.

Swiss Line, 8.6 ABV, 27 IBU

Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

We took our Greenwich Line, doubled it and added cocoa nibs instead of coffee. Nice thick mouthfeel & good sweetness. Perfect for someone that likes to remain neutral!