316 Oak St. Lager, 5.2 ABV, 20 IBU


This Pre-Prohibition style lager pays homage to the previous brewery located in our building. It is a clean, medium bodied, malty lager that is a go-to for any situation. Proscht!

Aussie Gold, 5.8 ABV, 37 IBU

Australian-style golden ale

Australian-style golden with a mix of bready flavors as well as notes of banana & apple. Brewed with a single-bittering addition of Pride of Ringwood. This style beer has roots in England but was adapted for the warmer Australian climate.

Beach Vacation, 7.2 AVB, 39 IBU

Hazy Pale Ale

Take a trip down south and soak in some rays. Or have a sip of this Hazy Pale Ale and pretend you're there. Guava and passion fruit provide tropical notes.

Chai Time Porter, 7.0 ABV, 45 IBU


It's high time for some Chai Time. This slightly dry porter has chai spice and notes of roasted dark chocolate and honey, making it a balanced and refreshing beer.

Channel Surfing, 6.3 ABV, 70 IBU


Sit back and relax with this very drinkable American IPA. This medium-bodied IPA has a piney dankness and light citrus aroma to complement its malty balance. It's best drank while watching nonsense on TV.

Episodes - Galaxy Edition, 5.7 ABV, 45 IBU

Single Hop Pale Ale

This is the 5th Episode of our Pale Ale Series featuring Australia's Galaxy hop. If you are into hops, this is for you. There are tons of tropical fruit (passion fruit, apricot, key lime) characters with dank citrus and earthy blackcurrant. BOOM!

Greenwich Line, 7.5 ABV, 25 IBU

Coffee Stout

Inspired and named for the time zone where one of our non-beer passions take place, English football (or soccer.) This is a creamy Coffee Stout brewed with City Market Coffee cold brew. Perfect for the 9am CST match or any other time, really!

Hoppin' Bottles, 7.0 ABV, 30 IBU

Brut IPA

This bone-dry IPA has light malt character and a whole heap of German hops added. The dryness and bright hop character of this Brut IPA may remind you of poppin' a bottle of champagne.

Le Petit, 4.8 ABV, 20 IBU

Belgian Table Beer

This Belgian Table Beer is lightly sweet and malty, with slight fruit, honey, and earthy aromas. It's the perfect beer to finish out a hard day's work.

Scarlett Gohansson, 4.6 ABV, 11 IBU

German Style Wheat Ale

Scarlett Gohansson brings out the best of both cherry and hibiscus. With slight tartness and salt of a traditional gose, this beer also has some citrus tea aroma from the hibiscus & subtle sweetness from the cherry, making this a very delicate and beautiful beer.

Spruce Willis, 5.95 ABV, 44 IBU

Toasted Brown Ale with Spruce Tips

This Brown Ale has been spruced to the max. More than 2 lbs of spruce tips were added to give the lightly sweet brown ale the piney-est of flavors. Also, there's no argument to be had. Die Hard is a Christmas movie.