Australian Gold, 4.8 ABV 37 IBU

Australian-style golden ale

Australian-style golden with a mix of bready flavors as well as notes of banana & apple. Brewed with a single-bittering addition of Pride of Ringwood. This style beer has roots in England but was adapted for the warmer Australian climate.

Daydream on Brett, 7.3 ABV, 18 IBU

French-style saison w/ Brettanomyces and aged on red wine oak

A variant of our Daydream, this however features the addition of Brettanomyces & was aged on red wine soaked oak.

Episodes Pale Ale - Eureka! Edition, 5.2 ABV, 52.42 IBU

Single-hop pale ale

Our second episode of Episodes. This one features the Eureka! hop. This pale ale is highly aromatic with some nice piney bitterness.

Georgia on My Mind, 4.6 ABV, 6 IBU

German-style wheat ale w/ sea salt, coriander & peaches

A tart German-style wheat ale (you could call it a Gose) brewed with peaches, sea salt & coriander. Brewed to celebrate the birth of a sweet (and possibly salty?) little girl

Japanese Black IPA, 7.2 ABV 78 IBU

Asian-inspired Black IPA

Japanese Black IPA is a unique fusion of American Black IPA and Asian culinary influences. A highly-hopped beer brewed with barley, rice, and midnight wheat which gives it a nice black appearance and dry finish, allowing ginger & Szechuan peppercorn to mingle with the hop profile.

Parooovian Gose, 4.6 ABV , 6 IBU

Tart German-style wheat ale brewed with Peruvian chiles & lime

A twist on the gose, the Parooovian Gose (we know about the spelling) features Aji Amarillo chiles and lime. Tart, spicy but not hot & highly refreshing for summer. Celebrating Peru's first World Cup in 36 years.

Swiss Line, 8.6 ABV, 27 IBU

Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout

We took are Greenwich Line, doubled it and added cocoa nibs instead of coffee. Nice thick mouthfeel & good sweetness. Perfect for someone that likes to remain neutral!