316 Oak St. Lager, 5.2 ABV, 20 IBU


This Pre-Prohibition style lager pays homage to the previous brewery located in our building. It is a clean, medium bodied, malty lager that is a go-to for any situation. Proscht!

4 Miles, 6.1 ABV, 40 IBU


There are only 4 miles between Tottenham and Arsenal's stadiums, and on most days, there's no love lost between them, but this mild Pub Ale shows that even the most bitter of rivals can come together and enjoy a good beer.

Berolina, 4.2 ABV, 7 IBU

Berliner Weiss

"Berolina" The new Latin female personification and figure, symbolizing Berlin. This light, tart Berliner Weiss is an ode to Her! Try it with any of these flavored Syrups: Peach, Raspberry, Black Currant, or traditional Waldmeister syrup.

Black Dragon, 7.5 ABV, 74 IBU

Black Ale

An American Black Ale travels to Asia. Black Dragon is a fusion of adventurous Western Hemisphere brewing & Eastern cuisine. This Black Ale was brewed with ginger and Szechuan peppercorn.

Breakfast at Grandma's, 7.5 ABV, 65 IBU


Just like spending the weekend with Grandma, this IPA will spoil you. Expect flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, almond, and orange in this creamy IPA.

Cascade Classic, 6.5 ABV, 65 IBU

Northwest IPA

A clean, malt-forward IPA with lovely notes of lemon and pine. This true classic NW IPA is a go-to for hints of the good ole days!

Channel Surfing, 6.3 ABV, 70 IBU


Sit back and relax with this very drinkable American IPA. This medium-bodied IPA has a piney dankness and light citrus aroma to complement its malty balance. It's best drank while watching nonsense on TV.

Episodes - Idaho 7 Edition, 5.75 ABV, 40 IBU

Single Hop Pale Ale

The 6th Episode of our Pale Ale Series featuring the Idaho 7 hop. If you are into hops, this is for you. Piney, tropical, fruity, citrusy, earthy, and floral flavors and aromas. Oh babyyyyyyy!

Hoppin' Bottles, 7.0 ABV, 30 IBU

Brut IPA

This bone-dry IPA has light malt character and a whole heap of German hops added. The dryness and bright hop character of this Brut IPA may remind you of poppin' a bottle of champagne.

Hoppy Cardigan, 5.8 ABV, 30 IBU

Hoppy Pilsner

This clean, crisp hopped pilsner is our nod to the best neighbor one could have, Mr. Rodgers. We were touched by the showing at Mr. Rodgers documentary screening, and created this beer that is just as nice as the man himself.

I.B.B., 8.5 ABV, 35 IBU

Imperial Belgian Brown

An Imperial Belgian Brown using a Belgian yeast. I.B.B. is dark & roasty, but features subtle dark fruit notes from the yeast strain.

Le Petit, 4.6 ABV, 20 IBU

Belgian Table Beer

This Belgian Table Beer is lightly sweet and malty, with slight fruit, honey, and earthy aromas. It's the perfect beer to finish out a hard day's work.

Old Habits, 5.7 ABV, 35 IBU


This Altbier (old beer) pays homage to its roots in Dusseldorf. It has the perfect balance of malt, bitterness, and fruitiness from fermentation. This amber beer is a must have!

River Quay, 6.0 ABV, 40 IBU

Irish Extra Stout

River Quay is a light bodied Irish Extra Stout with moderate bitterness, big roastiness, subtle chocolate, and lovely coffee notes, all from the malt. It has all the characteristics of an Irish Extra Stout, but the love of Kansas City rooted in it!