Australian Gold, 5.0 ABV, 32 IBU

Australian-style golden ale

Australian-style golden with a mix of bready flavors as well as notes of banana & apple. Brewed with a single-bittering addition of Pride of Ringwood. This style beer has roots in England but was adapted for the warmer Australian climate.

Black & Wit, 5.0 ABV, 19 IBU

Black Belgian-style witbier

A dark twist on the classic belgian-style witbier. Similar to the original, Black & Wit is brewed with a hefty amount of wheat malt and spiced with orange peel & coriander, however this version was brewed with midnight wheat giving it a black apperance. Black & Wit proves a beer can be both light & dark at the same time.

Daydream, 7.0 ABV 21 IBU

French-style saison

A complex yet highly drinkable take on the saison. Daydream is brewed with honey, orange peel, and peppercorn before being dry-hopped with Mandarina Bavaria. A great beer to allow your mind to wander...

Episodes Pale Ale - Sorachi Ace edition, 5.7 ABV, 55 IBU

Single-hop pale ale

1st Episode of our rotating single-hop pale ale series features Sorachi Ace hop. Originally cultivated in Japan, this hop has wonderful aroma & flavor ranging from lemon to dill to pepper.

Estranged, 9.5 ABV 32 IBU

Belgian Dark Strong

A belgian-style dark strong ale with cherries added. Features a complex & layered malt bill and hues of deep red & brown. Expect notes of plum, dates, raisins, cherry and a hint of chocolate. This one may leave you feeling a sense of estrangement from all others things. Or maybe just feeling a little bit "strange".

Georgia on My Mind, 4.6 ABV, 6 IBU

Tart German-style wheat ale

A tart German-style wheat ale brewed with peaches, sea salt, and coriander. Brewed to celebrate the birth of a sweet (& possibly salty?) little girl, Georgia.

Japanese Black IPA, 6.6 ABV 72 IBU

Black IPA with Asian spices

Japanese Black IPA is a unique fusion of American Black IPA and asian culinary influences. A highly-hopped beer brewed with barley, rice, and midnight wheat which gives it a nice black appearance and dry finish, allowing ginger & Szechuan peppercorn to mingle with the hop profile.

Sir Real IPA 8.0 ABV, 83 IBU


This beer is surreal. No sir, it is real. Sir Real. Brewed with a simple grain bill to allow for some serious hop bitterness and aroma. Hops used include Warrior, Azacca, Ariana, and Eureka!